Struggling Japanese Boxwood

Hello first post here. I purchased a Japanese Boxwood about a month ago and it’s now wilting. I’m not sure what’s the issue but I think I may have over watered it. I usually try and let the soil dry up bit as it is still in nursery pot I usually stick my finger about 2 inches to feel for moist but not soggy soil. Is this root rot? Any advice is much appreciated!

Hi Uriel, Welcome to the Mirai community. The mix does look a bit wet, how long was it since you watered? What ar the brown spherical things? Can’t make them out from the phot. It definitely looks like a root issue. You have some good foliage and some drying foliage. Instead of sticking you finger in and disturbing the roots you could use a long matchstick or something similar. Leave it in for 10 - 15 minutes then when you take it out you should be able to gauge whether the soil is wet or not. Another way is to see if the soil is wet on the top and by lifting the pot above your head you should be able to see if its wet at the bottom. Do you have vine weevils in your area? This would give you problems like your experiencing. They have voracious appetites and if uncontrolled will eventually kill a tree in a pot. As the root mass becomes less the tree naturally starts to lose vigour.

Looks pretty wet to me. The nursey can soil it came in is very organic and is designed to retain water. The trouble you are running into is even if it feels kinda dry at a finger in, there is mud at the bottom of the container. Let it dry out, for like a week. Then give it a drink. As we head into fall water needs are less. I have boxwoods in both bonsai pots, and in larger cans that are recovering and they are getting water about once a week if the rain doesn’t do it for me.

Where about in the world are you located? What kind of day/night temps do you have?