Arakawa messed up during shipping

Hey guys,
I just got an arakawa and during shipping the roots dried out or the foliage got crushed with those packaging peanuts.
The tree is struggling a lot.
Watered it 2 days ago when I got it, doesn’t seem to take up a lot of water.
Can’t be sure if the roots are pretty much dead of is it BC of the heavy foliage loss.
Moved it out of the wind and under shade, maybe it gets about 2 hours of daybreak’s direct sunlight.
There is still hope that it will make it.
The twigs are not wilting and I even seem to see some minor growth from the new leaves that were just forming when I got it.
Any ideas on how to nurse it back to health are welcome.

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If the percolator is a problem I would try to highten the gravity colomn by putting a tapewall around the pot. There is a nice stream about that.
If that is not the issue, balance of water and oxygen:)

I’m not an expert here but I figured I’d ask a few questions to get a better idea of what’s going on.

When you say the tree isn’t taking up water, do you mean the water just sits on top of the soil? When you watered it, did water freely drain out the holes at the bottom of the pot? If its draining freely you don’t need to mess with the soil. Digging it out and messing with the roots will do more harm than good unless this tree healthy. Do you think the soil has decomposed to a point where it’s waterlogged (no oxygen)? Stick a finger into the soil a little ways, does it feel damp or bone dry? You shouldn’t let it dry out totally, but you don’t want it sopping wet. Just water it when it needs it, and when you water, be sure to water it thoroughly until water is draining out the bottom. For some extra drainage you can tilt the pot on an angle for a bit until more water drains out and then place it back in a level position.

You also mentioned that you saw some growth? If it’s growing, it’s alive. It might be stressed from being shipped but I think you’re on the right track of keeping it out of prolonged sun/heat and wind. Just be diligent and patient with the tree. Give it a few weeks and keep us updated.


It looks pretty fine to me, honestly. Sure youve got some leaf damage and some dead twigs, but it doesnt look wilted. I’d give it extra love this year (like what youve been doing) and repot next year as long as adaquate water can enter the root system now.


Thanks for the input guys.
By not taking up water I meant that the tree is not using water, probably cause of the foliage loss.
Asked the seller, it’s been in this pot for 2 years, potted in Korea.
Not sure what the soil composition is and I won’t be poking around to find out right now.
The water flows through pretty fast so that’s good.
I think the main problem was the drying out during shipping. Automated defoliation :yum:
I’ll know more in afew weeks and report back.
Thanks again!


It has pulled through :grinning:
I’m starting to see buds pushing all over the tree.
I’ll let it grow freely 'till fall and start contemplating design options.