Boxwood next steps

Hey folks,

I picked up what I think is a wonderful boxwood a few weeks ago. I think it’s been mostly left alone for a few years and so my primary focus is making sure it’s healthy, happy, growing and all the right stuff.

I’ve given it a few weeks to settle in, but earlier this week did a bit of a clean up (removing foliage that was just blocking light, on the trunk, in the wrong place, etc…) with the intent of just a overall clean, no major shaping nor wiring planned atm.

While I was at it I noticed quite a few random yellow leaves. They seem to transition from yellow to red, but by the look of it no bugs, nor wounds or the other things I’ve seen online to look out for. It doesn’t seem to have been near other boxwoods before or now, other than those in my yard (but no tool mixing there, and some real distance between them). I pulled off all the yellow leaves by hand so I can keep track of the number and if it’s going steeply up or down.

It’s been outside and I believe was not taken inside for winter, and in the last few weeks has been through a few nights of < 45.

I suspect it’s having issues being watered given the state of the roots in the pot, but I’m not sure if I’ve missed my window for a repot.

New growth looks good, and it seems like a vigorous grower.

I’m in NJ, USA.


  • Are the yellow/orange/red leaves something to be concerned by?
  • Should I repot? Or wait?
  • Anything I should be mindful of around spraying for diseases/bugs, or fertilising?

Here are some pics:

Before the cleanup:

After the cleanup:

The roots (ignore the leaves, that’s been me hand pulling off any leaves that looked sketchy):

Leaf examples for the discoloured ones:


The roots actually look very good to me seems to have been in this pot for no more than one or two years, so no need to repot.

The leaves make me think of cold or sun damage.

Watch out for box tree moth and box blight Cylindrocladium boxicola