Vine maple pushed discolored foliage mid/late summer

One of my vine maples pushed out very light yellow new leaves about 4-6 weeks ago. It was a mid summer push after I pruned a significant branch off.

I assumed the new growth was due to the branch pruning, but the discoloration is a bit alarming.

Should I be worried? Anyone have any ideas?

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Do you have a picture?

The color almost looks like fall foliage, but it’s been that color since it pushed out. The bottom half of the tree is still deep green.

@ryan talked about pruning to early during last nights stream. He said that if we don’t wait until the leaves are showing fall colors and prune to early the tree will tap into its bank account (sugars and starches) to push new growth and the winter hardiness is decreased.
I have a Big Leaf Maple “Acer macrophyllum” in the ground that a deer bit of 2 long developing branches about a month ago and it pushed new growth.

Now it will need winter protection which I will pile up mulch to protect the roots.

Okay if it’s my own bad timing, I can live with that. I was starting to get worried about possible fungal or bacterial issues in the roots. I’ll take special care over the winter.

The tree is still in development, though I was thinking about putting it into its first container next spring. I guess we’ll see then if that’s a good idea or if I should wait for 2021.

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