JWP grafting newbie question

Hi. Im sure i remember Ryan saying in one of the videos that Zuisho grafted to JBP rootstock eventually fails. With that in mind, what is the most sensible rootstock to use (Obtaining JWP here in the uk seems to be almost impossible) TIA

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Welcome aboard DevonChris. l live in Canada but maybe my own experience may help. JBP is not hardy in Toronto, Canada where l live. Yes, we can grow them with winter protection and l have had one for 17 years but why add a problem if you are starting from scratch. l have successfully grafted JWP scions to either Scot’s or Austrian pine which is hardy here. l suggest you try the same. Good luck. Keep trying. You will be successful.

JWP are around in the UK. Grafted especially though some traders will not touch if they are on their own roots. Ken Leaver at Windybank often has a number of them including zuisho.

Hi @DevonChris,
Traditionally in Japan, I believe JBP is used, but probably better with Scott’s in UK