Juniperus Communis #1

This is a small tree that I collected in early 2017. It didn’t look like much sticking out of the duff but it just came right up with the whole root system when I pried on it. After getting it home and cleaning it up I could see it had potential, so I flipped it upright and put in some structure a month ago. I know my wiring skills are still lacking…but I’m working on it.


You might think your skills are lacking but this concept is sweet! What a design!

awesome material. I would consider removing the top foliage and jining that branch.

I might have to…that or split the whole vein off the tree and keep it for a much smaller 2nd tree. If you look closely, you can see two fat roots going into the pot from the live vein at the top of the tree. The root system for that branch is one of those.

Why not keep it as one intact tree? It has plenty of dead wood already.

If I can bend the root to follow the other live vein so it looks clean in the pot I will keep it as an intact tree.