Juniperus Communis #2

This is a very large and delicate Juniperus Communis that I collected in the Spring of 2018. I actually first spotted it in 2017, but didn’t have a vehicle large enough to accommodate the super delicate deadwood.

It’s rooted in two places, near the base and directly underneath the foliage (if you looks closely you can see a pot I stuck under there). There’s a lot of root growth happening under the ground layer, but the main live vein has shrunk by about a third. It’s too nice of a tree to risk so I’m nurturing the ground layer and I inset a graft near the base in the hopes that maybe it will keep the live vein going. If the live vein dies, it’s going to become the most insane jin I’ve ever seen. If the vein stays alive, I may turn this into two trees, but hopefully I don’t have to. It only pushed about half an inch of growth this spring so I’m just going to be staring at it for at least another year.


Question/idea: Could you graft foliage onto main trunk area and use secondary rooted area for second tree? Plenty of deadwood for both. Excellent job collecting:wink:.
DUH! Upon reread I see your thought similar to mine:crazy_face:.