Finding Live Vein

I posted about this tree recently and found out it is a Shimpaku Juniper. It had a lot of deadwood at the base and tons of bark peeling off through out the tree so I decided to start cleaning the live vein. This is my first live vein cleaning and I don’t want to damage the tree.

The base was easy to identify, but as i started moving up the tree I had a hard time identifying live from dead, and if I was digging into the phloem or dead wood.

The top of the tree had a jin so I tried to follow that dead wood down, but still had a hard time identifying phloem from dead wood.

Photos are attached, any advice would be great. Thanks in advance!



Just posting so I can tag along. I have a very similar situation with my procumbens, but I haven’t been brave enough to start looking for the live vein. I also like the bark too, but there’s shari developing at the base already. I’d like to at least remove the bark around any obvious shari.

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So i decided to be brave and just keep looking and eventually I did find it. I realized the difference between the deadwood color and the stark white color of the phloem. Pretty difficult to see at first though.


The “Fall Physiology” live stream in the library has Ryan showing how to find it and remove the bark.


Thanks for directing me there. Clearly this is not the right time to be doing this work. Hope the tree is okay!

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