Iive Vein Separation on Juniper

I Noticed recently that as the deadwood expanded/live vein receded, the two seem to be separating. Some space now exists on a crutch between the live vein and the deadwood. about halfway up the tree. The top half does have a lot of branches and foliage, and the weight of that no doubt contributes to the problem. I have used rafia to compress the area where the problem is occurring, but I wonder if there’s a more permanent solution out there. I can thin the top of the tree somewhat, but will that be enough? Or will the problem force me to redesign the tree?

Can we have a look at the whole tree? maybe some solutions would come to mind.

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Here’s a pic of the entire tree (in process of first styling).

You could consider using superglue to re-connect it. It likely wont be a permanent solution either, but I have some deadwood held on by superglue for 2 years and counting.

Even if it does eventually seperate, I don’t think that will ruin the tree. Trees are always changing, and you can make the new best design from there.