Is there a reason for 1/16 soil size

Ryan in may of his videos states using 1/16 particle size will the soil mix. that 0.0625 inches. Thats small. My question: With soil mix that small, does the aeration increase in the soil or decrease ? The particle is so small I figure it would make the soil compact. with less air between particles .

Bill D.

Decreases aeration and increases water retention because of decrease O2 space

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It’s good for shohin and smaller sized bonsai. Most of my bonsai are shohin size.

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I’ve been using the 1/16 mix on my smaller (10 “) trees for years. Mainly for SURVIVAL–water retention. Esthetics, too. The smaller trees are more delicate looking, it does grow moss great. Still get great root growth.

Scots pine from seed. 6 years. Note–new buds have been plucked back to 1/4”, if let grow, internode would be 6"…

It’s also for trees that like more moisture.

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Other than the obvious stuff like water retention, I believe the idea is the finer mix ramifies the roots and is one of the main contributers to dwarf growth behavior we seek, especially in refinement.