Mugo Pine Soil Particle Size?

With Mugo Pine being a short needle single flush pine. Do you pull the 1/16" out?


Knowing that pines have a root structure that is made up of thicker roots, I believe Ryan says to pull the 1/16” out. :+1:t2::evergreen_tree::metal:t2::grinning:


Regarding particle size keep in mind that without that smaller particle your watering demand will likely increase. Leaving 1/16” particles in the mix probably won’t cause any issues. Taking them out without considering how available you are to water mid day in the late spring and summer heat could definitely cause a problem.


Thanks that’s a good point.

He mentioned not all pines you pull the 1/16". I remember he said multi-flush pines like Japanese Black Pine and Red Pines he said to leave the 1/16" in. I just don’t remember if you pull the 1/16" out of all single flush or a specific single flush.

I’ll have to go back and look at one of those videos he mentions it in. I just forgot which one.