Aeration Layer Question

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Does anyone know which video Ryan talks about aeration layer when repotting? What did he say he uses in terms of soil composition and particle size? Is it pure pumice? or lava? or akadama? or is it a 1:1:1 mix? Are the particle sizes bigger than 1/4"?

I appreciate any insight.

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I believe he uses a larger than 1/4” particle size that is the same ratio as the rest of the soil (if it’s 1:1:1 soil in the rest of the pot, the aeration layer is also 1:1:1).

I believe it was answered in this Soils video


thank you so much for the help!


That’s not Ryan’s technique. It’s exactly as @nmhansen stated: greater than 1/4” (regardless of the presence of 1/16”), same ratio as the rest of the soil. The only place you might use smaller is in a small shohin pot.


By the way, I don’t think the composition of the aeration layer is nearly as important as the size, as long as it drains well. Mine is mostly lava, because I end up with way more of the larger particles of that than of pumice and akadama.

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I stand corrected. I have removed my previous post. Minute 55 mark.
My apologies.


Thanks Moon and everyone else! Appreciate the answers! I got it now!

Yeah mine is mostly pumice since that’s what I have a lot of that’s the right size.

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Resurrecting this thread…

I was thinking of using Leca balls as an aeration layer:

  • They are spherical and allow for a lot of oxygen availability to the roots
  • Multiple sizes
  • Inert and don’t seem to break down easily
  • Free draining but does suck a small amount of moisture that might increase humidity?

I have minimal access to Akadama

has anyone specifically tried them?