Holes in crape myrtle leaves?

Hi folks,

Any idea what might be making these? They’re not quite holes - they’re sort of lacy, dead membranes.

More importantly: what kills whatever is making them?

No sign of aphids.

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I have very similar looking patches on my birch. I found a small green larvae hanging from the underside of the leaf on some of the patches. I think they munch on the leaf for a while and then drop them self off. I picked off the ones I found but haven’t done anything else.

No idea if that’s what’s attacking your tree, but at least they didn’t do too much damage.


Hi @hierophantic. You have leaf miners. They live inside the leaf and eat their way out. There are literally hundreds of different varieties around the world. The quickest way to kill them is as soon as you see the damage start, squeeze it and you’ll squeeze the little critter inside.
Ensure your tree stays healthy and generally they won’t touch it much. You can spray for them with such things as permethrin but there are loads of different ones you can use.
There’s tons of info on google so you may even be able to identify which one you have - if you want to.


Thanks y’all! I appreciate it!