Crape myrtle tip blackening/curl

My crape myrtle (this one: Collected crepe myrtle evolution) has blackening/curling tips on nearly all of its leaves, including new growth.

I can’t see any pests and I haven’t seen any wildlife disturbance. It’s been wet, humid, warmish but not hot, not sunny – maybe a fungus issue?

Any thoughts? What should I treat it with? I’ve got Clearys 3336, Bonide systemic, and Daconil on hand.

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Not the same species, but my green acer palmatum is kind of experiencing the same thing. Brown tips instead of black though. For me it’s an issue of being exposed to too much wind. Had the issue last year, but I’ve caught it early enough this year to move it to where it’s protected.

Advice I got from my local bonsai folks at Underhill in Folsom, LA:

Since it was a recent repot, the roots probably haven’t caught up to the leaves; cut back a little, amp up the feeding (and treat with Bonide systemic since I live in Basically a Jungle).

May be root related. Is the pot staying saturated? Try tilting the pot if it’s getting too much water from rain.