Help identifying a juniper please

I’d appreciate knowing the type of juniper I have. I dug it a year ago at a tree farm and was told it was a Rocky Mountain juniper but it doesn’t seem to match any pictures I find. The foliage is sharp, not scaled. It is 3 feet tall from the soil.

It looks like a Juniperus Chinensis.

Looks like a Western Juniper to me.

Could be. Western and Chinese varieties look very similar.
That being said, There is a quite a few junipers that look alike.

Does it really matter? As long as you recognize if it has a running or mounding tendency to guide how you deal with its growth (and which you can find out observing your tree) that is all you need.

After watching it for a year, I’d say it runs first. That’s a good sign of the roots recovering after a severe dig.