Help! After repotting

Hello everyone, I’ve seen many topics of this kind from beginners after having repotted their trees.

Here’s my premna, was in a huge pot, just repotted in a smaller pot, I trimmed a huge root pad, and few big roots I think I removed at least 50% which seems to be ok for this specie as they are rooting heavily.

I just don’t know if I have to be worry of how it is turning now.

Here you have a leaves comparison of a small premna that I have (on the left) and the bigger one just repotted 4 days ago ( on the right )

Edit: I Forgot to mention that I am using the exact same soil on both premna as it is working very well on the first one I had.

A close up on the leaves

Should I be worry concretely? Where should I place it ? Should I mist it few times per day ? And about watering I shouldn’t water before having a dry top soil right ?

Thank you for your help :pray:

Since I posted this thread I tried to find answers on Bonsainut too. Some people answered me.
I share it here if tgis kind happens to an other beginner.
I also get in touch with Robert Steven who is used to grow Premnas.

First thing, the mistake I’ve done was surely a too heavy root prunning.
This tree has a huge root pad, but not much ramifications instead of that. When taking and repotting tree from an none professional nursery better to not prune or prune a very minimum amount of roots.
In my case the tree was in a 45cm diameter pot which was way too big for me and I repotted it in a smaller 24cm×17cm×8,5cm rectangular pot. So I had to prune at least big chunky and useless roots and be careful to not remove too much fine roots.

What I did is a complete defoliation as suggested on the other forum and by Robert Steven. And leave the tree in shade and humidity place. I also can put a Bag on it until new shoots appear.

Here’s the tree now and as to be treat as dormant.