Happy Holidays from the Mirai Team: A gift for you

On the eve of our beautiful, long, holiday break that Ryan has so generously afforded us…we offer you a holiday gift. A marketing tool, if you will, for the wonderful Adobe Photoshop software.

Pro members - this is what we went through to bring you the highest quality Forum Q+As possible.

Standard members - if you like what you see here and want to see Ryan struggle to draw on your bonsai photos, you can see more with a Pro membership.

But for real, we love each and every one of you so much, and are so grateful for your continued support over the years. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Enjoy this token of our appreciation.


Hahaha. Looks like Ryan needs to get familiar with ctrl-z


I feel the pain. The language of Adobe is one only those who speak adobe understand. lol


Bwahhahhahahahahaha, merry. Christmas and happy holidays to all!


OMG…I use an old version of adobe photoshop to do photo manipulation and I probably look like that of the time.

How long does each forum Q&A take? I assume things have gotten smoother over time - they certainly look pretty smooth in the final version.


Hahaha that made my night!


No screen demo’s in Belgium please Ryan!


Omg, this is so hilarious!

He makes it look so easy on the stream! Power of editing hey!

FYI, photoshop is probably way over kill for what you guys are doing. The basic editing capability of an iPad/iPhone let’s you do a lot.

I often doodle on my trees while sat on the train to work on my phone


The close ups of Ryans face has me wondering what is going on in his head at those moments.


Re-watching this, I was wondering if Mr Steele was about to make an appearance.


l feel your PAIN. l am even further back in the evolutionary computer timeline. Some serious knuckle dragging happening here.


I can clearly see his love of technology written all over his face!

Happy Solstice! Enjoy the break.


Happy Chrismas @Sam, @ryan and Mirai team!

Thanks for showing the vid. :laughing: It’s like me with forms and admin paperwork.

I felt sorry for Ryan but I’m sure he got to grips with it pretty quickly. Worth the persaverance because Forum Q+A is an appealing aspect of Mirai Live pro membership.

I do agree with @Amitdesai1978 though: there exists lighter-weight and more streamlined software if all you’re wanting to do is draw over images.

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Awesome :joy: photoshop is an amazing powerful tool to have in you armoury, it can do alot more than tinker with bonsai pads! Great to see Ryan pushing himself outside his bonsai box :facepunch:
Happy holidays everyone :santa:

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I’m so glad you all enjoyed this so much!

To answer a couple of the questions floating out there–these take several hours each from start to finish. I compile all the questions, build the photoshop document with all the layers with everyone’s photos, then we film which takes an hour to an hour and a half, and then Eve edits.

And about using photoshop rather than something simpler–rest assured, we did our research and this is actually the best option, since we can have all the layers organized for Ryan to look at to get through the Q+A and editing as quick as possible. Plus it’s something we already pay for. :wink:

Anyway–again, so glad y’all enjoyed this. Hope you’re having a great holiday!


Thanks @Sam for posting this. It’s fun to see behind the scene action. It looks like Ryan is pretty much up to speed on Photoshop now, or maybe it’s just clever editing on Eve’s part. :smiley: :smiley:

ah! we learn at every stage of our life … even for a Bonsai Professional!
You guys made my day … thanks @ryan for your humility and @Sam for your patience with this quite desperate bonsaïka-adober :smiling_imp:

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Absolutely priceless! Merry Christmas to you all!

This may pop Ryan’s mind, but once he is settled, can you suggest using different colours on the drawing so when we see the final image. It’s easy to distinguish the final plan?

Maybe blue for change in movement arrows, brown for structure and green foliage.

Hopefully I’m not being too demanding :pray:t4:

The forum Q&A is my fav mirai feature


This made may day @Sam!!
Thank you for this.
Thanks for @ryan being humble enough take the punch.

“We’ll clean up the pauses and, you know, swearing at the computer.”

I am so happy to have become a part of this community.
Merry Christmas Tree People.

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