Garden vandalism

Hey all, I may be late to this story but what’s with the bonsai garden and Ryan’s home being vandalized? I read about it a couple days ago. Was it random? Or part of a larger issue?

Ryan, I hope you and your family are doing well and happy new year


I have just seen the latest Mondays at Mirai. So sorry to hear about the vandalism. I echo the best wishes and hope that you, you family and team are all safe. What a lousy thing to have happen. But here is to the next 10 years.

@Eve Please pass on our best wishes and support.


Dang I saw the instagram post talking about that the other day, but hadn’t seen the video yet.

All the best to Ryan and Mirai! Here’s to 2021!

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Ryan, Your outlook is so positive during this tough time for you and your son. Keep the positive attitude and remember the people responsible for the vandalism will get theirs!!! What comes around goes around.

We all stand with you.


Ryan, Your response to the vandalism is admirable, so sorry this happened. Addressing it on Mirai Monday as you did shows us how professional you are in the worst of circumstances. Know we are there for you and your son. 2021 will be the start of another great decade of growth and prosperity for Mirai. Can hardly wait to see what you and the team have planned.


I’m horrified at the destruction and vandalism of Ryan’s home, trees and garden. I would be a heartbroken wreck, but the Mirai wheelbarrows are very aptly branded…Ryan is a “truper” (trooper), his resilience and stoicism is phenomenal. Sending all my love to Ryan, his family and the wonderful Mirai team xxx

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I am hoping there is some security camera footage

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I want to find these mf’ers and cut their fingers off with my knipex. Pardon the language.


This is from a video of a recent garden tour. It looks like these three trees were damaged.

Here’s the image from the M@M video


That is terrible
So sorry for your loss
Thank God you and the family are ok
Prayers are with you


Hi all!

I just want to give everyone an additional update since there have been a lot of questions and so many kind, well wishes; thank you all so much.

We can assure you all that we do have security cameras, the suspect is in custody, and the court case is active. Please know that this was not bonsai community related vandalism, it seems to have been a random incident.

For the sake of keeping the community positive and moving on from the strife, this is the most information we are comfortable disclosing. Ryan is overall extremely positive still. Material things can be replaced, Ryan will always make new bonsai, and most importantly, the heart of Mirai still beats strong with ideas, pursuits, and plans for the future!


I would use the spherical knob cutters for a better heal.


This is so disappointing to see, but at least the perp has been caught. Hopefully the judicial system does its work and he pays a price.

Ryan’s attitude is amazing. My trees are paltry in comparison but if someone got into my yard and damaged or stole them I’d be heartbroken. Might even give up the hobby.

Ryan, thanks for doing what you do and best wishes as you recover and rebuild from this awful experience.

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Oh My Bud!!! This is heat wrenching! Ryan has always been a stalwart of humility and a certain sense of zen optimism. Damaged trees is one server thing, but reports that his house is unlivable is so far cross the line. If a vandal got into Mirai’s sanctuary, so much havoc damage could have been wreaked or stolen. Seems like it was a fools job, and I hope the perp gets the punishment and help they deserve.

Stay strong and proud Mirai team!! <3

Does anyone have a link to where Ryan/Mirai go deeper into how they were plagiarized, as was referenced in their inst post on the 2nd?

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Man, my trees pale in comparison, but if someone came through and I caught them, I would seriously hurt them. Maybe a Mirai dog would not only help with the deer munching on the leaves but also scare any perpetrators off? :smiley:

This sucks and I’m really glad to hear that the person has been caught and I hope they get what’s coming to them to the fullest extent.

Very cool to see how Kimura’s tough years on Ryan made him pretty unaffected by the whole thing. That cascade hemlock though… eeehhh :/…

It’s very easy/primitive to destroy but to learn/create is a whole different story.

Supporting you : )

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I believe he’s talking about another online bonsai professional blatantly ripping off the Monday’s at Mirai videos.

Behind the scenes videos are as old as… video. I’ve read on another forum that it was actually the stealing of actual video content, which is what plagiarism actually is. Though none of us should throw anything accusatory out there until anything is in fact confirmed.


When the other professional put out their bootleg version Ryan called it out. That’s the only reason why I pointed to that even though I’m aware that it isn’t actually plagiarism.

I have seen minor cases of ppl using pictures from Mirai on their accounts pretending that it’s theirs, but nothing major. I’ve not seen the any egregious use of licensed Mirai content, especially video content, without giving Mirai credit…or ever really. Credit or not.


Room for everyone I think. It’s important to keep your education wide and not only to look at one source. I’m a huge Mirai fan. I’m also a fan of the other. I watch amd enjoy both. I like the differences they both bring. I remember the huge amount of live streams that were put out during the first wave of lockdowns by other professionals. If people are willing to pay them then good on them. They must be doing something right. We all just want to grow anf. enjoy Bonsai right?