Field harvest Shore Pine sick

I have a Shore Pine harvested in late July 2021. It is in native sandy loam from the coastal region. The top third of its media is almost pure pumice.
The tree responded well to the shock of being potted and seemed to stay in a stable condition up until the beginning of November. Its now showing signs of severe browning in the middle of the tree and the issue is working its way to the tips.
My only observation that would make any sense would be too much rain causing roots to have lack of air flow. Any other suggestions? I have done nothing to the tree since it was harvested.

Hi Brett,

I’ve heard that because pines have such low water mobility, the effects of a re-pot can take 3-4 months to show up.

July of any year is a bad time to harvest and transplant a pine tree. At least that is the case where I live in Zone 8. If you by chance were able to dig up the tree and preserve the entire root ball (i.e., you didn’t disturb any of the fine feeder roots), maybe you could pull it off. But if you jostle them or cut them, the tree will likely not survive. As Walt suggests, you won’t see the extent of the damage for three-four months If I ever tried it in Dallas, TX, death would be certain. Sorry.

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