Doctor earth life application timing?

I know Ryan said that he likes to use Doctor earth life after a repot, but correct me if I’m wrong, he doesn’t apply anything until new growth appears to make sure the repot took? Also to wait for bio gold until a month after doctor earth life? Any feedback would be great.

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The Dr. Earth life does have SOME fertilizer amount. So wait if your tree is in final refinement…
I sprinkle a small amount over the entire surface. Earlier is better. Remember, it is alive. Its not fertilizer. The fungi and bacterie can die, though in normal circumstances will be fine. Re-apply infrequently… if needed. Pines , less serious for decideous, still should be helpful.
Place the chunks of organic fertilizer on surface as appropriate, as needed. Yes, hold fertilizer for repot! The fungi will colonize thd mass, and digest it. Unless it gets TOO dry, you will see fuzz grow… On pines-- you will see the white mycellium under the soil when checking the next repot, especially along the roots. Healthy and normal.
Balance of oxygen n water. A little scotch, too. Bonsai on!


@KurtP really helpful thanks! So you apply the dr earth soon as the repot is done? Can I apply it now or at the next watering since they already got watered thoroughly just the other day?

Your planting somewhat dormant ‘seeds’, I would LIGHTLY wet it to keep in place and disperse the spores. On top of surface dressing is ok. They will sort it out on their own.
Mind the dust…Maybe wear a mask if your herd is large.
Wash your hands, too. Especially if you are immuno-.compromised.

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I use a liquid microryza supplement called Bushdoctor Microbe Brew. It has some amount of fertilizer in it, but it’s minute. Used it on all of my repots this year with no issue. Only applied it after at least the third watering though.

I’ll probably hold off on bio-gold until May or June. I know that Ryan said to wait on new growth, but all but two of my trees didn’t skip a beat and have already pushed new growth. The two that didn’t push are just kinda hanging out.

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I can only say Dr. Earth is fertilizer(5-5-5) that is additionaly inoculated with myco, humics etc. Of course it is an organic fertilizer with the usual very mild characteristics but I have found that active plants respond quickly to its nutrient if its warm enough. I am not sure what is Ryans position on post TP fertilization is enough to quote it but historic general approuch is to not to until new growth is seen.