Mycorrhizal application?

Does Mirai use commercial mycorrhizal and is there a particular brand that is recommended? Is adding mycorrhizal spores beneficial during re-potting, if you don’t see the fungi? Also, is the application of mycorrhizal beneficial, if repotting is not planned for a couple or years?

I don’t believe they use a my mycorrhizal inoculant at Mirai. I do know they use Dr Earth Life as a fertilizer sometimes, and it has some mycorrhizal inoculants in it, but I don’t think that is the main reason they use it.

As for mycorrhizal inoculants, I’ve heard mixed things. Part of the reason to never bare root conifers is that the field soil is used as the inoculant. Furthermore, trees will attract the mycorrhiza that is beneficial to it. And whatever off the shelf inoculant you might use may not even have they type of mycorrhiza that your tree can use. But it might, and if it does, it could help speed up the process by a little bit.

Thank you, much appreciated.

I believe Nick @nmhansen is correct, Ryan has mentioned Dr Earth is his first fertilizer used on the first repot to build the microbial life needed in the container environment.