DIY Forrest Slab- non traditional

I posted this in the Apex and meant to share it here with everyone.

Thought I would share a homemade non traditional slab I just finished. I am still learning and exploring the medium. I used Pal Tiya, which is a weather proof sculpting medium. Its essentially cement and fiber glass meshingI also build a wire frame with chicken wire to add stability. I will add drainage holes on and tie downs. It is 29inches long by 16 inches wide.

Couple of others similar material. Sort of an unintentional series!

I tossed in a pine I had that was in a pot all enough to give a sense of scale


I like the grain you have achieved on them! Looks like aged juniper deadwood to me. Using brush or rigid structure to get all that detail?

Actually used a pallet knife, typically used for mixing paint. Thanks I appreciate the kind words

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Actually sharing the picture made me decide to change the finished color on one of them!

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Looks great. How to you do the coloring?

Acrylic paint with several layers of thin washes coats and dry brushing coats to pull out the contrast finish with a blow torch.

Before growing mini trees I used to paint as a main hobby!

Bristlecone pines… I will either make another slab that reflects their environment or worse case yellow beige the coloring to better reflect the color. The idea was a happy accident that I am liking

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Finally put something in one of the pots I made. Had this laying around

Also got to try my hand at approach grafting on this tree (after the picture)