Natural rock slab

A rock in my pond has been cracked for a while and it had a little tree growing in it. I left it there last year as it looked cool. The ice though had a better idea and it the crack completely detached as a slab off the rock. Now I have a natural slab, even with drainage holes… it is hard to see in the picture but it is also a bit concave even.


I’d love to know what kind of stone this is. The stones I usually carve produce very flat finished products. I do find some interesting stones from time to time, but I never seem to get a proper name for them, even from my supplier. Being in Montreal, I’d expect you to say “It was part of the landscape, and now it’s not.”

What are the dimensions of the stone?

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No idea about what mineral this rock is made of. Regarding the size, for comparison, the size of the bench it is on top of is 16" by 16".

Oh, that small. I have trouble selling slabs that size unless I’ve planted a portulacara afra on it. With the area restriction, I’d recommend something that can be planted in a porous muck. Plenty of long strand sphagnum moss and lava rock (or haydite).

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Yes, it is a small slab. Good for a shohin sized tree.

A very beautiful slab !!

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It’s very nice. We have no natural stone in Southeast Louisiana. So I’m stuck with importing stone, carving it, torching and/or buffing it. Nature isn’t here popping off natural looking slabs for me.

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Pretty cool. Do you have any trees in mind for it?

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Not sure yet, will depend what surprises the root systems of some trees still to be repotted have (our last snowfall was only a week ago, trees outside are only now starting to wake up).

Hope to see an update on what you decide. Ill be keeping a look out!

Collecting slabs can be a lot of fun…for me nothing beats a naturally cleaved granite slab!


Excellent find! nature is unmatched.

Excellent specimen. Did you HP water wash to bring out the character? Follow up pic would be nice.

Both sides and after planting…