Difference Pinus Parviflora/Pentaphylla

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can anyone tell me the differences about Pinus Parviflora and Pinus Pentaphylla?
Both are listed as Japanese White Pine in the internet…



I believe, I am not certain, that Pentaphylla either a variety of parviflora or an alternative name.

In the case of it being a variety it’s effectively like telling itoigawa juniper from other shimpaku junipers… their effectively the same only there a subtle differences, like colour.


@Roby64 FYI saw the Pinus Pentaphylla here, and know you have one going, recently.

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Pinus pentaphylla is a variety of pinus parviflora and has fairly short blue-green needles gathered in groups of 5.

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Pinus pentaphylla is just a synonym it was described by 2 different botanists (Mayr and Siebold),
The modern name however is Pinus parviflora given by Siebold.
Some Japanese nurseries are still using the old name ,its also reffered in magazines and books like that.
Pinus himekomatsu is another synonym.