Cutting from seedlings

in spring I made some cuttings from seedlings of scots pine.
Here a short intermediate result to show the difference and the advantage of the cuttings.

left seedling - right cutting


Good to know this works for Scots pine.

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I think it also works with other pine varieties. I get this idea from seeds of JBP. And I also tried it with larch.

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What age was your cutting when you started? This year, or older? I’ve done some black pine cuttings that were just a few months old, but I’m curious if you’ve gone beyond that.

I mixed the seeds in january in moist sand, filled it in a glas and put it in the coole ( for stratification). Around the 25th of february the seeds began to grow, so I sowed them in the seedbed. In Mid April I made the cuttings.
The best time describes Ryan in Live Q+A 129 around 18:45 min. This method gives good stuff for shohin and mame.

It also works a treat for the Picea genus.