Scots pine nebari

Hello everyone!

I have a nice little scots pine but the only problem is the nebari. It hase one strong root coming from one side and one from the back. Is there any way I can encourage more roots to emerge from the trunk?


@Colley614 welcome to the form. I have found that cutting back the strong roots and covering some small wounds where new roots are needed will help even out the nebari of Scots pine. Not as fast as a deciduous tree, but faster than some of the other pines. Probably related to their ability to back bud on fairly old wood. I have never tried a full ground or airlayer.

Thanks for the welcome. I’m glad with the progress the roots have made. When I first potted it up in 2019 (my first year in Bonsai, planted it in peat. Noob mistake) it had 2 roots like wires. I unearthed the tops today and they are now finger thick. I’m hoping to repot the tree either in the autumn or next spring to have a look at the roots and hopefully start correcting them. I don’t think airlayering a Scots Pine is an option, I’ve been considering placing sphagnum moss against the trunk to see if I can encourage root growth.

Why not repot this spring? It sounds like it has established some good solid roots and the longer you wait the larger they will become.

Another option is to use some root grafts. Some 2-3 year old seedlings are probably best for that.

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I was worried that the tree was a little weak for a repot. I also didn’t know if root grafting was possible on a pine. If it is possible I would go for it.

If you have one, a photo would help.

If you feel it is week then wait until next spring. That will also give you time to get some seedlings for root grafting. Pine root grafting requires a fairly deep channel and a good match of the cambium for the graft to make it does not just heal over.