Ground layering v root grafting conifers

I have a handful of conifers with issues at the root crown/ base of trunk. 2 cedars and a JBP where the graft has lead to inverse taper and a sylvestris with a strange bulge, again leading to inverse taper. In short, I want to have roots coming out higher up on the trunk.
To my understanding, its not a good idea to remove a ring of bark as you would with a deciduous ground/ air layer, so I have tried a thick wire tourniquet, but no signs of roots yet after 2 years.
This year I tried (disastrously) to graft Scots pine plugs (2 year old plants) onto the base of the JBP and the other Scots. The plugs died because the nails used were too thick, and now that i’v seen the video on juniper root grafting, my technique did not help.
So firstly, does anyone have anything that will help with ground layering conifers, and secondly, some tips on root grafting pines, especially timings please.

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