Crab apple problem?

These crab apple buds seem to be getting ready to open .Am I seeing something wrong or is this normal.
This odd growth
on the trunk is it disease?
I’ve had this tree for about a month. Thanks for any information. J

That would be gall.
Read up on this disease.
Very hard to treat
Worst case the tree is a goner

Thank you i will read further. My Baker I believe i grew up in your area.

Where did you grow up?

Ferndale and then Alger. By Pine and Cedar lakes. Beautiful area.

Pine and Cedar lakes are awesome :metal:t2:

When i had a house there early 80s, i think there was 9 homes on 1100 lots. It was a great place to live.

Unfortunately as @MtBakerBonsai said it is virtually impossible to treat. More importantly it can be passed on to junipers when spores are released. If it was mine I would say some choice words and throw it away or preferably burn it.

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Whatcom county has grown quite a bit since then. :grimacing:

Thank you Keith. While its not what i wanted to hear. I needed to hear it. I will take your advice and at very least remove it from the flock.


Well its flowering

Could it be a porch light? Photoperiod interruption. ?