Is this an infection?

My son and I we’re out collecting and picked this one up as it was starting to get dark, at first I thought it was just some deadwood where a branch had been ripped up, but now I’m not sure. The bark is peeling away all the way around the tree and the branch right next to the wound is swollen. Not sure if it’s some sort of infection or insect or what. Any ideas?

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Hi @Tac,
Looks like fresh calluses. Not an infection


Thanks. That’s what I thought when I collected it, but the more I looked at it, the more I questioned it. Probably just looked at it too long and started overthinking it.

I clicked on this thread REALLY hoping it was going to be a picture of a tree, and not a body part!

They do seem like new callouses. The thicker branch could be due to the movement of more resources to it. The tree might have depended on that branch as a source of energy to keep itself alive, and then to heal.

It’ll make an interesting piece.

Haha. That would have been a shock. And thanks. I do think the tree has some interesting potential. I’ve put it in a box and once it warms up a little more will stick it outside and just watch it for a few years.

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