Coastal Redwood - Disease - Fungi?

Hello Mirai,

Hoping this is an easy ID for those more experienced than I. The last few weeks I’ve noticed black globs on my Coastal Redwoods needles. The trees are growing healthy otherwise and with vigor. All are between 2-15 years old.

I can’t remove them with water or my fingers. Some are round and raised and others are irregular and raised.

My gut is telling me this is fungal in nature but wanted to confirm with others here.

What do you think this is?

Best route to treat this? ( provide brand names if possible )

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It’s not fungus, I think it’s some bug poop
Try googling bug frass.
If the leaves are intact, nothing’s chewing them and it’s growing well I would worry about it.


The first picture looks like scale. The other black specs look like big poop. Maybe caterpillar?



My studied guess is:

  1. fungal. The black spots and black bumps are the tree sap trying to eliminate the mycelium… treat with a light antigungal now , to eliminate spreading,winter sulfer to eliminate spread, and antifungal in spring just befor bud break.
    The black spots wont go away on these needles. Hopefully it wont reoccure next spring.
  2. viral spotting. Not much to do. Wait it out. Practice good hygiene…
    Dont top water the tree needles too often. Spreads fungus. Bouncing rain from the ground below spreads both diseases. Get The tree off he ground and onto a bench, if it is not already.
    Wash hands and alcohol tools in between trees…
    Look for other diseased plants and segregate. Look for and treat or eliminate other deseased landscape trees.
    When the needles drop… burn em…
    Regardless, the limbs appear healthy. Dont stress out. It appears minor.
    Pop in a photo of the whole tree.
    Bonsai On!
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Thanks everyone for your help soo far! I was able to scrape off one of the black globs and its white inside. It also left a white mark on the foliage. Not sure if that helps to further identify or not.

Also noticed an extremely thick and sticky yellow green fluid coming from one of the three trees base. See photos below.

The weather here has been hot, humid, and rainy for the past two weeks.

These are young Coast redwoods. I’ll try and upload pics of entire trees later today.

@KurtP don you have any recommendations for a light anti fungal? I suppose anything at my local Home Depot is worth a shot.

The green goo is very concerning…
Drop this question into the forum QA… it just opened!
I dont have a costal redwood (wont survive here)… dont want to steer you wrong on the goo…
Thought this might usefull…
It refrences fungicides like thiophanate methyl (Clearys 3336, others) and/or propiconazole (Bannermaxx, others). ?

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