Blue spruce issue

Good day,

I’m a beginner in bonsai world but also in forums world. Hope anyone could help me.

I got a blue spruce from a local nursery 1 month ago. I repotted and the idea is to let him grow until some works could be done. Since last week despite the buds are pushing strong and nicely, I have notice some browning in some needles and I don’t know if the origin could be fungus or spiders.

I think is important to mention that I’m in Valencia (Spain) and I’m trying to grow this blue spruce in Mediterranean climate. However as it comes from a local nursery I hope could be more or less used to this climate.

I include some photos.

Thanks a lotUploading: 522983F9-9677-4562-977A-ED9062307D43.jpeg... Uploading: FC9A97D3-1DF0-4EE6-92B3-6A2343D84EA8.jpeg… Uploading: 8C539D93-1A9E-419C-9678-7AEEC1DEABAE.jpeg… Uploading: B0A9ED86-3EA3-4683-BE3A-41A0DC5667E5.jpeg… Uploading: 6E6C60D4-84C2-413E-95FE-CBC5372AB414.jpeg…