Blue spruce issue

Good day,

I’m a beginner in bonsai world but also in forums world. Hope anyone could help me.

I got a blue spruce from a local nursery 1 month ago. I repotted and the idea is to let him grow until some works could be done. Since last week despite the buds are pushing strong and nicely, I have notice some browning in some needles and I don’t know if the origin could be fungus or spiders.

I think is important to mention that I’m in Valencia (Spain) and I’m trying to grow this blue spruce in Mediterranean climate. However as it comes from a local nursery I hope could be more or less used to this climate.

I include some photos.

Thanks a lotUploading: 522983F9-9677-4562-977A-ED9062307D43.jpeg... Uploading: FC9A97D3-1DF0-4EE6-92B3-6A2343D84EA8.jpeg… Uploading: 8C539D93-1A9E-419C-9678-7AEEC1DEABAE.jpeg… Uploading: B0A9ED86-3EA3-4683-BE3A-41A0DC5667E5.jpeg… Uploading: 6E6C60D4-84C2-413E-95FE-CBC5372AB414.jpeg…


I think you posted before the pictures finished uploading. Can’t see anything…

Hi dear Nick,

Thanks for your message. I thought were already uploaded, sorry :sweat_smile:

looks to me like old needles dropping as expected. Is there a fungus present? Maybe. Often theres something when you get material from nursuries. But if there is some fungal thing going on, it looks like the tree will be strong enough to fight it off by itself. A bonsai, with the proper balance of water and oxygen will usually fight these diseases perfectly well by itself

It also looks to me like mostly old needles, but some of the new growth is yellowing too which is a bit strange (2nd Pic). I thought I saw some aphids in one of the pictures but I think they are just black spots.

The tree does seem pretty healthy overall, so I wouldn’t worry too much, unless it’s got worse since you took the pictures?

finally after looking on internet I opted for a fungal treatment as most of the needles have a black spot in the middle and apparently this could be a Funghi attack rather than the type of damage the aphids do, and I have to say it had worked so far. Those brown/yellow needles have fallen and apparently no new are growing so far.

Now waiting for the right moment to prune and design :relaxed:

Thanks a lot for your help

It looks great, much happier than mine which has had a rough spring:

Ouch!! Never seen something similar :dizzy_face:
Hope the treatment works because its a wonderful tree with very nice branching. Lots of new buds anyway.

Thanks, it’s one of my favourite nursery finds, I really hope it survives…