Root Aphid Example

If anybody needs a good example of root aphids here is what I found when I repotted my Spruce on the weekend.

It had two rounds of aphids on the needles which I guess should have been a sign. I treated the needle aphids and now have repotted and will treat tomorrow with nematodes. The foliage has gone quite brown, but it is pushing new buds, really hoping it pulls through.

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I had the same, leaf and root, on my spruce a couple years ago. Nematodes worked great on the root aphids, I’ve used them two years in a row and have almost eliminated the buggers from my trees. Powdered diatomaceous earth took care of the leaf aphids and the ants that were farming them, though eventually lost a couple weak branches.

Can’t stress enough how great the Arbico nematodes are.

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