Root aphid controle

Over the last 5 years I am noticing root aphids appear to be increasing in number and on different varieties in U.K.
dose anyone have any tips?

Preventative would likely be Ant repellent around trees then eliminating Aphids. Personal choice is to discourage Farmer Ants rather than killing them and encouraging to make farms elsewhere as it is their cattle harming trees and not the Ants If I am correct anyway.

Beneficial nematodes can also be used to get rid of root aphids.

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Thanks @WLKeugene,
These aphids live under the soil, and I don’t think they are transported by ants like the ones you get on leaves and stems.

Not sure of your case but remember that many or most Ants also live underground.

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Having dealt with root aphids for years using things like Neem oil. other essential oils and harsh chemicals, I decided to listen closely to Ryan’s advice. Root aphids and their larvae only like soil that is constantly saturated. Balance of water and oxygen has been my best solution. At my first sign of aphids around the soil line of any tree, I tilt it on edge creating a taller water column. I isolate the tree or trees so I can focus on watering. Withholding water enough that the soil dries out almost completely between watering has eliminated the nasty buggers in my case.


Golden advice @Garrett240
Thanks, I will give it a go.