Aphids & Ants Battle

Hello to all winners of the fight with aphids. Hope you are happy to share your tricks with me loosing this.
I sense it’s probably time to give up on 100% holistic approach in environment I can’t completely control myself. These little buggers were on one tree, year after on a couple / three, this year again plus on some additional trees purchased or given recently, ants everywhere… The worst was the beech tree with wooly aphids that has been weakened by other factors already which limits me to plan any work on it.

  1. If I go chemical could you advice with ideally one off application and what to pay attention to in order to make it successful?
  2. Does it cause any damage for coming season to other (beneficial) crawlies?

Thank you for any experience and information you are keen to share :deciduous_tree:

I use insecticidal soap, which seems to work pretty well. Wait to apply it until a time of day when bees are not present, such as very early morning or late evening.

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the beech, id’ just use your fingers and then a good hosing from the underside to wash them off

Try using a sticky band or a insect glue tape

Here is a link to an example ( I have no affiliation)


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