Juniper root problem

I decided to take a peak under the pot of a juniper I picked up at a hardware store. I don’t see anything obviously wrong with the top, but in the bottom I see this:

And this:

Any tips on identification, treatment, etc. will be appreciated.


At first glance I thought, Juniper, got to be root aphids.
Then I thought mycorrhizae.
Is anything crawling around in those pics?
If so, an application of nematodes will take care of it.

Yes, looks like mycorrhizae. Lucky you, healthy roots.
Even if it has root aphid it’s not the end of the world unless the tree makes a turn for the worst. I am learning how to just live with root aphids and not get too stressed.


I hope you are correct. I was fearing an emergency repot in the middle of summer heat. It’s only 95 this week but we will be back above 100 soon.

Thank you!