Spring Spruce Health


I started bonsai this year and have a blue spruce still in the nursery pot that will be potted next spring. The growth so far has been vigorous but I noticed that some of the new growth is becoming a dull color and starting to droop (pic 1). I don’t think I saw signs of adelgids, but being new, I am only going off of what I’ve found on the internet and don’t know exactly what I’m looking for yet. I started to inspect the tree closer and noticed these little fellers the needles (pic 2 circled in red). Are they friend or foe and could they be causing the issue with the buds that looked healthy a week ago.

I did some research on spruce diseases and pests but noting I came across seemed to fit the signs and symptoms I’m observing . Thank you for your time and help!

I’m no expert but I’d guess aphids. Get out the fire hose and shoot those fellers off your spruce. If you do it every day you’ll be able to avoid insecticides

Thank you for your help! I didn’t come across those foes in my research. I’ll grab the hose and start evicting them.

Hard to say with the picture but I thought it looked like a weevil…either way still hit em with the hose.

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Thank you! I purchased some neem oil to be ready in case I see things going south but I’m going to hose it off once a day and see if that works first.

I dont know someone here prob does though, Neam oil might be phototoxic on the new growth of a spruce…just thinking how soft it is. Wait until it hardens off to be safe

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