Choosing a base container for a rock planting

Hey Miraiites,

This is a concrete rock on which I will plant three or four junipers in the spring. What works best for you aesthetically, the oval or round base containers? Here are two photos with the probable front and below a Dropbox link to a quick video giving it a 360.


I think I am going for a rectangle in fact. what do you miraiites think?

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Oh the rectangle looks like a winner

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I would also go for the rectangle! The oval is second place, the round third. Looking forward seeing your composition with the trees…


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I think it depends on the trees and the final composition. If it is soft and rounded then I like the oval to compliment them since the rock is fairly angular. If it is more sharp and angular then the rectangle. I think the round is a bit too small to look stable unless the trees are very small so it is distant view of a panicle.

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i like the second oval. feels a bit more organic in harmony with the rock.

Fantastic comments and insight. Thank you very much.