Container shape for tree style?

Does anyone know or have the basic overview Ryan laid out in the container selection podcast for “what style/form of tree” ideally goes with " what shape of pot"? For example if it is a circle pot the apex should be offset and be outside the container silhouette (I think…see I need it)!

Have a look at the Ceramic Breakdown video.

This was pretty good and goes through all sorts including colour selection.


Objective Container selection

Form: Rectangle (masculine) or Oval (feminine) = (Tree Style) formal & informal upright (Apex is close to the base of the tree not much asymmetry in the tree so the container gives a little asymmetry to compensate for the trees symmetry (Rectangle Masculine) thicker trunk to accommodate the visual mass (Oval Feminine long slender less visual mass)

Form: Round : (constant in all rounds) Apex breaks the lateral boundary of the container Shallow Round (Elegant, Slender, delicate, literate), Contact of the pot with the ground=strong base masculine & allows for more asymmetry Cascade/Semi-Cascade

Form: Lotus : (In between Masculine/Feminine) = (Tree Style) formal & informal upright tree form

Form: Square: Masculine asymmetry (cascade/semi-cascade)

Form: Crescent, Freeform, slab (other): Dictatorial design, where you see this tree growing and why it looks the way it does

Angularity (masculine rugged)

Lobe/floral (feminine curvaceous)


Thanks Grif, I watched it again and took notes from my perspective and tossed it in this thread if anyone else wants to reference it.

Also if I misinterpreted something I posted as a way to check my understanding!