White Cedar Pot Type

Hi all –

I just got a white cedar and I’m thinking about repotting it in the spring. I’m not sure about the style of pot that would suit it best. Right now, it’s in a brown deep oval pot that I’m not a fan of. (sorry didn’t clear the mulch for a better view). Appreciate your feedback!


Current pot…

I dont dislike this pot. Repot and drop the rootball down… maybe same size rectangle pot with no lip…? In several years…
Then decide wether you will extend foilage left or right…
I vote WAY left.


Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea of no lip, will definitely have to play with the idea of an oval / rectangle shape as it develops more.

This is nit picking because it’s a nice to tree/pot now.

I like a little more “orange…ish” color. Contrasts the foilage more boldly but is a more feminine color and reduces the visual weight of the brown.
Something with cut corners or more feminine curvaceous lines would support the airy flowing nature of white of cedar

Here’s something closer to the color I like with this species…this is subjective

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From NEBeech photo it looks like Ryan has a similar tree with the movement going right which matches your apex. Compressing the left will show off the the nice dead wood on the left.
I like NEBeech look of a lighter colored pot with no lip.

Great looking tree