Cork bark elm pot

I’m planning a repot in spring - any thoughts on pot style/size/color/etc?? Tree is about 30” tall, base is about 3.5-4”, canopy width is about 16”; angle shown is planned front and potting angle

I feel weakest in my skills in container selection so any discussion or explanation of the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ would be appreciated!

PS - in my area (houston) don’t really get fall colors … leaves stay green, then go straight to an ugly yellow, then fall off


Nice Tree Dr. C! I think the white/grey on the box is working well for it. There is a nice contrast without screaming look at me. If you like color, a subtle grey blue to blue green works well for most deciduous trees. Because of the darkness of the trunk, I have not liked corkbarks in dark pots. I tend to stay away from green for all trees.

Looks like this tree still has a bit of growing to do. For that reason, I would choose a non square oversized and deep pot for now. Probably an 18" or bigger pot.

I have not worked with corkbark but the elms I have uptake a lot of water. For that reason, I use a 50/50 mix of 1/16 and 1/8 particles. With a more even mix with 1/4 in it, I would have to water several times a day when it would get hot.

Just an opinion, I also find that pots with a flat smooth sides do not work well with deciduous trees. I like at least a convex or a concave profile with rimmed top and bottom.

Best of luck and have fun

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Did you watch the video Ryan has on his Chinese elms? Lots of good info in that video. Here’s a picture of my Cork Bark Chinese elm in development. Probably pure Akadama would be best. These trees are thirsty and grow very fast. I’m in Vegas and it’s very hot so it gets watered twice a day, even in the deep training pot. I love the pot styles Ryan has been using for these lately. Here’s an image of one Ryanstyled and potted.