Chamaecyparis thyoides 'Heatherbun' care

I have a recently purchased Chamaecyparis in a nursery pot which I thinned and pruned back after I brought it home. I thought it would be all right since I left the root ball intact. Now, 2 weeks later, the foliage appears to be drying out and the tree dying. It could be that fall was not the appropriate time to do this; however, I would like to try to save the plant. Any thoughts?

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Do you have any pictures?
You might be jumping the gun here, I don’t believe your tree is dying.
Is the foliage dying all over the tree?
It is normal for cypress to lose a small amount of foliage this time of the year.
I always find the foliage that is tucked away from getting any sunlight loses its color and dies off.

Maybe it’s my imagination, but the foliage seems to be getting a little crispy. I will post photos later today.