Color change on pond cypress buds

I’m noticing a color change on the elongating buds of my pond cypress. It’s like this on almost all branches and on some of the buds sprouting from the trunk too. I’m not sure if this is a sign of unhealth or a natural color change. The soil has been adequately watered as far as I can tell so I’m almost certain that it’s not due to the tree drying out - the foliage with the color change is not brittle or dry. I’ve also heard about the foliage naturally reddening but I thought that happened later when the foliage was full grown or close to it. Does anyone have any advice or knowledge on this?

This happens on mine as well, but just a few here and there, never an entire branch or the entire tree. I have kept track an cataloged the number of buds each year to see if it is something spreading/worsening but it is about the same each spring - around 6-10. I haven’t looked into it much since it seems to just be some that may be severed at the bud site or damaged in some way. Otherwise, I am not sure what would affect the entire tree. At a closer look your buds seem to be wilting and softening, while mine get brittle and die when this happens. It seems there is a bigger issue at hand than external damage.