Chamaecyparis neddle drop

Hello all,
I have a tree that I believe to be a Lawson Cypress. It has needles turning brown and orange for the past 3 weeks in New York. This is occurring in interior areas of foliage and parts that were perhaps shaded out, not everywhere. Is this part of a normal fall needle drop for this species?

Scary as crap?
If it’s the tips you have a problem. If it’s back along the branch it’s normal and there is noting you can do

This is normal

Definitely scary! I’m not seeing it in the tips…whole needles or not at all. Thanks Andy!

Yep, quite normal. Several of mine (hinokis and boulevard cypress) are doing it. Problem with these is that once you lose that interior growth, it is difficult to replace.

What part of NY are you in?

I’m on Long Island, I see you’re in Rochester. That’s awesome you get the bonsai nationals right at home!

Yeah, that is pretty convenient but I don’t think it is enough to offset the winters we suffer through!

I grew up on Long Island (Seaford) but haven’t been back since my parents passed away (almost 10 years now). Miss the ocean but not the traffic and congestion.

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