Casting to television

Hey guys long time watcher first time poster. The whole time I have been watching Ryan’s videos it has been done on a phone or tablet.
Bought a google chromecast the other day in the hope that I could see it all on the bigger screen and not have to constantly prop my phone up.
Anyway I can cast from YouTube and other things but can’t seem to cast from within the Mirai site. Is this a media player thing? I read in the Faqs that some members have been able to cast.
Anyone able to shed some light on this subject for me? Thanks in advance!

I have used Momocast to do this.


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My older Samsung tablet will cast 2 different modes. DRAG down from top. In with function icons. CAST. Launch & automaticly hooks up with TV… Google how to… for your tablet / tv. TV needs to have THAT function… HAVE MIRAI OPEN / RUNNING.
Just have to size on the tablet to the screen. Iritating. Sound lags…
Newer LG tv. Will STREAM web straight to screen. Much better / faster refresh.
THEN Bluetooth the sound back…to earphones.
My android phone will cast also… Finger drag down as if you are hooking up Bluetooth, CAST launcher is below right.
BTW, I am a ludite… :roll_eyes:

Thanks Kurt I’ll try those and see how I go! I may also be A Luddite before I get this right.

I’ve only just become a member and it was my first time trying to figure out how to use the chromecast and it took me a couple of hours to work it out.

Hopefully you have Google Home app on your phone and it is paired with the TV with the chromecast plugged in.
In the Home app click on the bottome right icon “account”

Scroll down the list and click on “Mirror Device”

Select Cast to “whatever TV your chromcast is on”

This will display your entire phone screen and sound to the TV

From here you can close your Home app and open your browser with the website and stream loaded and select fullscreen and play.

If you have a PC/ laptop with the chrome browser you can also cast to the chromecast using this as well.

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@ShaneTas: what @Twisted said. Chromecast will only natively cast from apps that Google has integrated – so, Netflix/Hulu/Youtube yes, Amazon no. The workaround for anything else is to mirror your device’s screen to your TV, which works but has image loss issues. :frowning:

iPhone paired AppleTV works perfectly everytime.

If you are using the Chrome browser then there is an extension that looks for any video on a web page and allows you to to cast them to your Chromecast device. Here is the link

It allows you to select what you what to cast. I had to open castbuddy in a new window (top right icon when you are using it) to then select the device to cast it to. It doesn’t seem to suffer from the problems that were highlighted with mirroring. Hope that helps.

All three of my android driven ( I assume) devices automatically (!) will cast WHATEVER I am looking at on YOUTUBE to my TV!!! Wether I direct them to or not… Adding insult to injury, THEN I can’t get them to disconnect…
AI will take over the world, and we wont even notice…
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