Bonsai year in review

Happy New Year everyone! I just want to thank the Mirai crew and members for all of the help and inspiration. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been on a buying spree this year. I started the year in an apartment and finally got back into a house in March. Really, I was starting my life over again.

I decided that if I was going to get back into bonsai that I’d do it seriously which led me to Mirai and I couldn’t be happier. My modest collection of pre-bonsai is beautiful to me. I hope to some day make them beautiful enough to present with pride…on the internet of course. I don’t aspire to show trees publicly.

This past year I’d say that I mostly focused on variety as I’m constantly looking to learn something new. I feel like I’ve gathered a nice variety of plants, but I find that I’m leaning more towards deciduous. I love my conifers for sure, but as I look around I realize that what’s mostly available in my area in a wide variety is deciduous trees. A distant second is a small number of juniper and cypress and then like zero conifers. All of my conifers were purchased out of state.

I’ve also spent the year just gathering knowledge, theory and supplies. I guess my bonsai year could be best described as “gathering”. This upcoming year I look forward to applying what I’ve learned so far as I begin to transition my trees from nursery stock into “bonsai in training”.

Again, happy New Year everyone and thanks for putting up with my antics lol. Hope we can all help each other grow this year. :slight_smile:


You should check out Andrea’s book on maples. If you like deciduous I have to presume maples are on your bench. Pricey, but worth it. So many color pictures. I’m not affiliated at all, just like deciduous too.

Right from his website in Italian and English versions:

Awesome, I’ll check that out. I have three maples. :slight_smile: