"Bonsai On The Bayou" ABS 2019 in Houston, Texas - Day 1 videos

I’m in Houston, Texas this weekend for the ABS 2019 Convention “Bonsai On The Bayou”. I’ll be uploading videos, bandwidth permitting, as the convention progresses

I like to get to bonsai events early and watch as the vendors unload and set up their wares. Here is my tour of the vendor floor.

Here are the presidents of the Houston Bonsai Society and the American Bonsai Society during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my first seminar is in an hour with the Mirai big cheese himself. It might be too early to play the Mirai Live drinking game. I’ll keep score just the same.


Thank you sir for keeping us updated! Have fun!

Our 3 headliners nearing the end of the live dinner demo, including your fearless leader…and a proper Texas brewed IPA.


I posted the videos of Ryan’s exhibition critique in the Facebook page “Bonsai Snobs” if anyone is interested. Dropping the golden nuggets constantly!