Where are we meeting tomorrow night in Houston?

The Houston Bonsai Society is hosting the ABS 2019 Convention starting tomorrow in Houston. I’m driving into Houston tomorrow and should be there in the afternoon. So? Where are we meeting up?

I’m headed into H town Friday mid-day. The thread I started didn’t gain much traction, and I was kinda hoping for a Houston native to chime in as I’m not familiar with the area near the Hotel. My brother used to live there and according to him we are 10 min North of Chinatown, late night eats and great food. 20 min East of us is the main bar drag, closer to the Galleria area.
From what I have seen on Google maps if we want to walk from the hotel we have Chili’s across the street, or the Hideaway is a quick 8 min drive/Taxi/Uber around the corner and looks like a cool dive bar spot.
I would lean towards Chinatown or the dive spot. That’s just me.
Saturday is the dinner and live auction night. But I’m game either Friday or Saturday for late night fun.

I just sent you my phone number via message