Louisiana Day of Bonsai - July 20, Baton Rouge, LA

Hi folks! The Louisiana Bonsai Society is hosting its annual 2019 Louisiana Day of Bonsai at the Baton Rouge Garden Center at 7950 Independence Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA, featuring guest artist Brussel Martin, founder of Brussel’s Bonsai in Olive Branch, MS.

For more information, here is a flyer.

I’m not an LBS member or associated with this event, but I figured I’d publicize it here (and I’ll be there hanging out). It looks like our own @BillsBayou will be there as a vendor as well. :slight_smile: So will Underhill Bonsai, who are the excellent folks who sold me this crape myrtle I’ve been posting about.

Hope to see some of y’all there!


I’ll have soil and hand-carved slabs for sale. I’ll also have red and black lava rock if you want to mix or amend your soil mixes.

Maybe I’ll wear my black market Mirai tie-dye shirt gifted to me by the legendary @moon himself.


Please do Bill!! There are only 5 in existence. It will get you noticed that’s for sure. :joy:
I wish I could join you guys. If it wasn’t a 14 hour round trip drive I would.


Got my soil, crushed lava rock, and carved stone slabs all loaded up! Off to Baton Rouge early tomorrow.