Bonsai in your home

Anyone else display their trees in their home?
There’s a lot of wire on this one, but I’m feeling good about having it in:

Show me yours!


How long are we talking about? Depending on the species the tree needs the cold/dormant period. Beautiful tree btw. Love the pot and block.

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Great pot - great larch!
At what height do you display it?

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@Bonsai_Bentley oh, just 3 days or so I’ve never had a tree emerge from dormancy in response, though one that’s already emerging will push buds a little faster in the warmth.
@cab_lad_70 it’s a little lower than I might choose for display, perhaps just a meter. I’ve not got a formal space for creating displays in my small house so I use one side of a media console and cupboard unit I built.
The pot’s by Stone Monkey, a present from my wife some years ago, though this tree only went into it this year.

Yes. Generally when they flower in the spring. 3-4 days upto to 7 days maximum depending on how they are looking. Afterwards they get moved back to the greenhouse for a few days and if they have leaved out in the house then they get transitioned onto the north side of my house for a few days.

I don’t have a dedicated space or as nice looking display as yours.

This Prunus has just been moved outside.

This Camellia although it will probably never be a true bonsai has just been moved in.

BTW I love you larch the container sets it off excelently.


I have a quite a few succulents that I started on their journey as bonsai. I keep them indoors during the colder months and put them outside in summer. Further I have a Chinese Pepper, an Olive and a Serissa that I overwinter indoors with supplemental lights.