Bill's Guide to Badges - How difficult is it to earn a Mirai Bonsai Badge?

Ok, Scouts, I know you’re all eager to earn your badges. Well, I’m here to tell you that some badges are easy to get, and others? Well, you could grow a seed into a specimen bonsai before you earn the last of these badges. The list of badges with a very brief description is HERE.. For more detailed information, I’ve hot-linked the names you see below. Good luck, Scouts!

Getting Started Badges

Autobiographer: Easy as falling off a chair
Certified: A little work, but you have to read your inbox message from Discobot to begin
Editor: So easy to learn, you can stumble on this one
First Emoji: I stumbled on this one
First Flag: First, you need to find a post to flag. Not easy. Most of us are fine upstanding subscribers. I happened to find found a post which consisted of one broken link. I flagged it. The post was removed. I didn’t get the badge. Going to take more than a broken link to get this one.
First Like: Close your eyes and just start clicking.
First Link: You have to want this badge to earn it.
First Mention: Another “So I see you’ve been reading the badges page” badge.
First Onebox: Another I stumbled upon.
First Quote: You just need to be the type of person who quotes other people.
First Reply By Email: You can’t hang around in the forum all day like I do. Wait for your phone to tell you you got an email from the forum. Accidentally stumble upon the badge.
First Share: Start evangelizing for the forum on other sites like Facebook.
New User of the Month: If you don’t get this, you’ll never get this one. You had one chance, Scout.
Read Guidelines: Check your inbox.
Reader: On a busier forum, people would be stumbling on this everywhere. As it stands, we need to wait for the “Live Stream Ideas” thread to get just a few more replies.
Licensed: Have you TRIED reading your messages? @discobot told you what to do once you became Certified.

Community Badges

Appreciated: Be nice. Get busy.
Enthusiast: Put the Mirai Forum app on your phone, read your phone on the toilet every morning.
Nice Share: You need to go find things that are interesting out there. This can be earned multiple times.
Out of Love: You need to really want this one and just get clicking. We all know how bad you want this badge.
Promoter: “I think you’ll be interested in my new index of links thread. Just a second… You’ve been invited!” That easy, or so I thought. Still waiting.
Thank You: Be cool, act cool.
Welcome: Say something nice.
Aficionado: Make sure not to delete that app on your phone.
Anniversary: Say hi, once every year. Just say hi. Keep doing that and you’ll keep earning this.
Campaigner: Invite three people who become basic users. Wait… that’s where we all start. It only lets us invite Mirai forum users but if you’re a user you’re already basic. I do not think this works the way I think it works.
Gives Back: Get busy. Stick around. Be involved. Be warned: If you get 100 like on one post, it’s still only one post.
Good Share: I personally have no chance unless EVERYONE does the challenges in “The Bonsai Below Me.”
Higher Love: Not only are you trying hard for badges, you’re starting to annoy people.
Respected: Stick around for a while. Get involved. Stick around a little longer… longer… and a wee bit longer … you’ll get it.
Admired: You think I’m posting heavy now? Just you wait, Scouts.
Champion: Now how am I going to invite people who aren’t on the site. Scouts, your goal of 100 completion is in grave danger.
Crazy in Love: You’ve gone from annoying people to an unnatural relationship your computer. There may be an intervention.
Devotee: That app you installed? Never ever put your phone down. Shower with it if you have to.
Empathetic: One that many people will earn. Some faster than others. Is it a coincidence that if you get Crazy in Love, you’re already half way there for Empathetic?
Great Share: Mirai is either going to have to get very popular, or I’m going to have to be here a while.

Posting Badges

Nice Reply: Post something nice in a thread that is visited often, but with very few comments. If it’s hard to find, it’s hard to like.
Nice Topic: Post a nice topic. Do I have to spell all this out for you?
Popular Link: Cruise the Internet looking for something, someone popular.
Good Reply: That well-visited thread you used? There really can’t be many comments at all.
Good Topic: Your topic better be good.
Hot Link: It better be real good.
Famous Link: Like damned good.
Great Reply: You might have to pay for subscriptions for your friends.
Great Topic: Compared to the other gold-medal badges, this one seems to be a little light. You still need to put in a lot of work and hope for a lot of luck.

Trust Level Badges

Basic: Did you even know there’s a forum at Mirai? The first taste badge is free.
Member: “Do you have to leave so soon? Stay just a few minutes more. They’re handing out Member badges!”
Regular: You’ve likely met one of the moderators in person or you’ve been cozying up to them for a good long while.
Leader: No. You’re not getting this one. Neither am I.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Oh, I forgot he get’s invoked if you mention him. Is he like Betelgeuse?

@discobot! @discobot! @discobot!

I’m trying really hard not to treat these like gaming trophies/achievements, but this list makes it kinda tough! :laughing:

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i feel the same way. Great tips @BillsBayou

Funniest achievement name I ever saw was in Resistance:Fall of Man. I stumbled upon it and had to pause the game to look my list: “Why are these candles screaming”. Hmmm… maybe that reveals too much about me.

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One of my favorites was “Dastardly” from Red Dead Redemption. Made me giggle the whole time.

@BillsBayou Nice Guideline! I’ll do everything to earn the “New User of the Month” badge!!!


But you know we will all try @BillsBayou :rofl:

Howdy. New to the forum, would benefit from said phone app. Can you point me in the right direction? Perhaps not on iOS? That would explain why I’m not finding it easily.


This forum is powered by ‘Discourse’ which has app (for iOS). That might be was Bill is referring to, since you can connect these forums to it. The app is mostly just a shortcut to the mobile website.